Harris & Ford


HARRIS & FORD. Everyone knows their hits and remixes. Tracks like “Madhouse”, “Friday Saturday”, “God Save the Rave”, “Amsterdam” or “Died In Your Arms (Reloaded)” run up and down at festivals and in clubs. With over 600,000,000 streams and gold and platinum awards, they are one of the most successful DJ/producer team in the German-speaking world. Their style, an energetic hard dance crossover, has been established by HARRIS & FORD as an international brand. The two Viennese belong to the “Who s Who” on the international dance floor and regularly release collabs with e.g. W&W, Timmy Trumpet, Scooter and Brennan Heart. With their unmistakable power sound, HARRIS & FORD belong to the star acts at Europe’s biggest festivals. Total demolition is H&F predetermined!



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