Cycle Stage

 Geck-o is an adventurous DJ and producer, standing for a creative blend of intense dance music. With more than ten years of experience, he mesmerises his audience with cunning precision and deep understanding of the craft. He takes them on a journey through various musical colours, textures and landscapes, welcoming them into his world of creativity and abnormality.

Both Geck-o’s productions and on-stage performances can be described as intense, mysterious, immersive and powerful. Strongly connected with the audience, he elevates the vibration at any stage, inviting the crowd to go deep and give everything. A deeply rooted belief that we exist to experience, originates from his first experience on the dance floor, as he states:

“All of a sudden, music was not something I would just listen to. It became something I would feel, something that would take over my whole existence. I experienced the power of the DJ, the power of music-transcending soundwaves through every fibre of my body. The connection with all these people, joined in unison on the dance floor. All of a sudden, I understood.”

In a versatile discography abundant of cross-genre novelties, you will find creations like Soul Train, Trick Me, Tripper, It’s What We Are and his albums A Present From The Future, Personality Test, Alien Sound System and A New Wave, each with a unique vibe and feeling, though recognizable in their core.

He has performed his music all around the world, from Amsterdam to Sydney and Tokyo, from big venues like the Ziggodome and Gelredome to intimate basements and local attics. He has played multiple times at Tomorrowland, Defqon.1 and Mysteryland, as well as leading the underground QULT movement. He has also founded his own platform The Funky Cat, with a radio show, record label and events.

Each musical ride Geck-o invites you on is an experience in itself, so allow him to stimulate your senses.




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