Broken Minds

Toxic Arena

Spanish duo Broken Minds have been on a mission to dominate the hardcore scene since beginning their journey together in 2014. Enthusiasm and drive has brought this determined duo into many career triumphs; from anthems, to big stages and an official label signing at Masters of Hardcore, Broken Minds have been riding in the fast lane! Broken Minds began working together in 2014 after noticing an instant musical connection. They clocked tons of studio hours together to perfect their productions which resulted in a collection of stellar releases including: "Absolute Power", "Die Alone" with AniMe, their official remix of Korsakoff's “Lyra”, "Wanderer", "The Silence In The Room" with Nosferatu, "Chain Breaker", "Lost Myself" with Korsakoff, "Elevated", "Humanity", "We Arrive", "The Awakening" with Tha Playah & Nolz and "Yippee Ki Yay" with MBK & MC Prime. In 2019, Broken Minds released the most important work of their career called ‘Break Your Mind’ - a fresh album which was sold-out during pre-order phase within 7 days. The album featured huge collaborations with Tha Playah, AniMe, Re-Style, Destructive Tendencies, The Satan or Kronos. "Break Your Mind" has reached more than 8.000.000 of streams on spotify. Broken Minds also recently created the 2021 SYNDICATE anthem "Syndicate Of Rave" with Alee, a high quality hardcore track which definitely puts Broken Minds at the top of the hard dance.



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