SHUTDOWN 2021 Sale Start

In Spring 2021

The long abstention will move historical events. 7th of August 2021 will go down in the history of the Harder Styles. It will be an unforgettable Saturday of which we will tell our whole life long. The first Shutdown Festival after this challenging time will unite us even more and we will unleash this infinite force again.

We will continue to work on developing and improving Shutdown Festival, including stage concepts. All further information about Shutdown 2021 and the line-up will be presented as you are used to over time.

#SD20/21 SWAP Information


When are the SD21 Swap Tickets sent?

In case of a ticket swap, the tickets were sent by e-mail to the respective purchaser on Thursday, 20.08.2020.

You forgot to swap a ticket?

A swap is no longer possible. You can still get a refund for SD20 tickets you did not swap. However, in case of a refund, a new ticket must be ordered for 2021, as all 2020 tickets are invalid.

Do you need additional tickets?

Ticket sale starts in spring 2021.