The nuclear Power Plant 


In the middle of the endless fields of Lower Austria, next to beautiful Danube there is the worldwide unique nuclear power plant in Zwentendorf. Finished in 1976 - but never activated - it is waiting in the wings to be filled with new energy.

Those old bones will be shattered and turned into a festival location with its very own spirit. Thousands of visitors gather here to escape the everyday and party to the kicks of the harder styles for hours of insanity.

STages 2017

There are 3 stages with 4 different genres at the Shutdown Festival. From 140 to 160 bpm we try to offer something for each Hardstyle lover to find a place to go insane.

Stages at Shutdown Festival

Hardstyle Stage

Our mainstage gives you the best Hardstyle acts and they wont let you rest for even a minute. Enjoy hard kicks and get lost in the festival vibe to forget your everyday life while listening to the typical melodies and beats.

Hardcore stage

"The place to be" for those who do not start partying until 160 bpm! Get prepared for a day full of Hardcore at the only hard dance festival in Austria and give your energy full scope.


The third stage will be the new home for Raw and Freestyle lovers. No matter if it is raining or breezy - we invite you to show the DJ´s your endless power and dedication.