The Netherlands - Hardcore

Promo (Sebastian Hoff) came into contact with the hardcore sound and started DJ-ing in 1992. His passion for Hardcore only increased when he heard the music from Germany, Italy, and Scandinavia.

Promo has played in the Rex Club in Paris and next to Carl Cox in the Sports Arena in LA. Moreover, he has demonstrated his mixing skills at major festivals like Defqon, Mysteryland, and almost every important club. In 2004 he closed off "Sensation Black" what Promo calls ‘one of the milestones’ in his career.

The sound of Promo is paradoxically described by him as ‘accessible dark’. Promo’s typical rough sound is known thanks to the catchy hook that he can give to his productions. One of the most characterizing elements of Promo’s work is his Basskick on which he worked on for years and is imitated and sampled globally. This indicates the influence and importance of his productions on other producers worldwide.


Sa. 10.August 2019