Netherlands - Hardstyle

DJ Panic, born as Dennis Copier in 1975, was hardly 16 when he performed at a dance-party for the first time; back in 1991 at the Big Balloon in Barendrecht. 

Dennis "It was good, but when they started playing Top 40 music, I left..." 

Dennis currently spends a lot of time in the studio with Jeroen and Kelly to take his projects to a higher level with every new release.

In collaboration with Jeroen "Neophyte" Streunding, he is also managing respected record labels such as Rotterdam Records, Neophyte Records, Forze Records, Terror Traxx, Seismic Records and Tremble Tracks. All this together makes him a very busy every man, especially sine he’s also showing his excellent dj skills all over the world every weekend. He’s performing in countries like Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Australia and the USA.

There also simply isn't a playground this sympathetic DJ is not familiar with! 


Early Freestyle Stage