Austria - Hardcore & Frenchcore

In summer of 2015, the project „Dot-B“ started officially!

Years before, Dot-B created music but never did it for public.
He loves music experiments und realeased Industrial Hardcore and Frenchcore tracks.

It didn‘t take much time until Dot-B gets his first time on stage. It was at the end of 2015 when he played the closing of „The Braindrillerz“.

Dot-B loves all genres of the harder styles, so he gets booked for Frenchcore events aswell as for Hardcore & Drum n Bass events. He was already allowed to support international scenestars like „Dr. Peacock“, „Hungry Beats“, „Radium“, „The Satan“, „Le Bask“ and many more.

In summer of 2017, he got his first booking across the border and were a headliner for the very first time. His name raised ...



Hardcore Uptempo Stage