All you need to know about your tickets and TOP-UP  

Below-mentioned you find all important information about the Shutdown Festival. If you have questions please check the info below first and if there is still something outstanding contact us via contact form.

Ticket Information

The official sale has already started! Click here to go to the ticket shop! 

You swapped your ticket into an SD21 ticket, but you still did no receive the ticket by e-mail? Please check your spam folder. If you cannot find an e-mail there either, you can get your swapped SD21 tickets sent to you via this link.

Did you swap more tickets in several orders? Click here and insert the e-mail address you ordered with, to get all your swapped #SD21 tickets. Please check your spam folder.

The VIP Festival Pass and the Festival Pass for the Shutdown Festival require personalization. If the ticket is not personalised correctly, it must be re-personalised on site for a fee. There is no deadline for personalization.

If you can't attend the Shutdown Festival and want to resell your ticket(s), you can do so via our official resale platform.

Furthermore you may find offers of already sold out categories here!

You want to sell a ticket because you can't attend the SD? What a pity! Here is all the information: 

  • Go to the link of the official resale platform
  • Create your account & confirm your email address
  • Enter your ticket barcode & determine your price (maximum price = original price)
  • Put your ticket on sale
  • Attention: As soon as your ticket has been sold via the official resale platform, your ticket incl. barcode will be deleted and the second buyer will receive a new ticket with a new barcode. This process cannot be reversed!
  • As soon as your ticket has been sold, you will be informed by mail and the amount will be paid out to you via the same payment method that was used for your order.

You want to buy a ticket category that is already sold out? Try your luck on our resale platform: 

  • Go to the link of the official resale platform
  • Select your ticket & add to shopping cart *
  • Create account & confirm your email address
  • Select payment method & complete order
  • Important: If you buy on our official resale platform, the original ticket of your seller will be deactivated and you will receive a new order, incl. new ticket and barcode!
  • Once the payment is received, you will receive an email from Paylogic / SeeTickets with a personalization link. Personalize tickets that require personalization and present them on your smartphone or in printed form at the entrance.

*Price plus 10% fees

After the tickets have been personalized, they are available for download. The tickets can be presented on the smartphone as an Apple Passbook, e-ticket (pdf) or in printed form. It does not matter whether the print is in colour or black and white. It is important that the ticket has been personalized to the festival visitor and that the barcode and QR code is clearly legible.

A valid photo ID must be presented at the same time as the ticket.

Accepted: official identity document (e.g. passport or driver's license)
Not accepted: student cards

If the ticket is not personalised correctly, it must be re-personalised on site for a fee.

Tickets are basically excluded from exchange and return. If a refund protection has been concluded in the online ticket shop, the refund protection conditions of Paylogic / SeeTickets apply.

If it is not possible for you to visit Shutdown Festival, but you have already personalized your ticket or you made a mistake in the personalization, you can re-personalize your ticket via ticket transfer. In this case a €9,50 processing fee per ticket will be charged. Re-personalization is also possible on site at the Ticketing Help Desk upon presentation of a valid photo ID and the power of attorney of the original purchaser. Please note that the fee for on-site personalization is € 15,- per ticket. There is no deadline for re-personalization.

You can choose between the following payment methods: Sofort, Überweisung, VISA, MasterCard, PayPal & Apple Pay

Until 13th of August 2020 23:59 CEST it was possible to exchange an SD20 ticket for a free ticket for the Shutdown Festival 2021. SD20 tickets that have not been swapped by this time will lose their validity and will not allow access to SD21.

A ticket refund can still be applied for after 13 August 2020.

You will be refunded the ticket price (excluding service fees). The service fee was already paid once when you bought the tickets, the ticket price will be refunded without additional fees. Thanks for your understanding!

The refund will be done within 4 weeks in the same way as the payment was done when buying the tickets.

Important: Only the purchaser can request a ticket refund! So it is best to inform the person who ordered so that he can fill out the form.

You need the order number and the e-mail address that was used for the order. You will find the order number in your order confirmation email and on your tickets. You can't find both anymore? No problem - you can have them sent to you again via this link.

If you have won your ticket, no refund is possible.

Click here to visit our official Ticket Refund Platform.

Cashless / Top up

The payment system at the festival is cashless. As soon as you get your festival wristband at the entrance, you can easily load your desired amount onto your wristband at the top-up locations. You can find the top-up places on the festival map here.  To avoid waiting times, you can also load your band with an amount in advance. The process is explained in the next points.

You can find more information about PRE TOP-UP here

Yes, you can! Here is a description of the PRE TOP-UP process: 

Step 1: Activate your ticket

Step 2: Charge your desired amount to your band ( PRE TOP-UP)

Step 3: After checking your shopping cart, you can confirm your order.

Step 4: Select your preferred payment method and confirm your purchase. 

Your pre-top-up will now be automatically loaded onto your band, which you will receive when you show your ticket at the festival. 

You can choose between:

  • 30 EUR
  • 60 EUR
  •  120 EUR
  • 200 EUR
  • 300 EUR
  • 500 EUR. 

You can choose between V Pay, Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, Maestro.

Clearly: no waitng times at the machines / Simple / Easy / Safe. 

If you upload too much, you can easily withdraw the money after the event.

The transfer of the remaining amount from SD19 is possible since 07.07.2019 12:00 at sd19.eventportal.io up to 3 years after the event. The remaining credit from SD19 cannot be transferred to the ticket / chip of SD21. 

If you have some credit left over from SD19, you can have it refunded online via bank transfer.  

If you have any questions or problems, please send an e-mail to [email protected]

More infos here: