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Below-mentioned you find all important information about the Shutdown Festival. If you have questions please check the info below first and if there is still something outstanding contact us via contact form.

Shutdown Festival

The cut with a spade of the nuclear power plant in Zwenendorf happened on the 4th of April 1972. It took four years to finish the building - vain endeavor because the nuclear power plant was never activated, ever! This NPP is a part of Austria´s contemporary history and an unique memorial pointing on the strong national will. The country was split up by the NPP - on one side the nuclear power opponents and on the other side the powerful ones: federal chancellor Bruno Kreisky, the trade union, the industrie and the chamber of commerce. Expecting an approving result, Kreisky decided to hold a plebiscite about the start-up of the nuclear power plant in Zwentendorf - but the outcome was quite different to prospect. 

1.606.308 people voted "no" for the nuclear power plant, thats 50,47% (!) of the attended votes. Shortly thereafter the parliament enacted a law prohibiting the use of nuclear fission in Austria to supply energy.

40 years later, though, the power plant provides 100% environmentally friendly power for Austria´s households via a photovoltaic system. Furthermore the nuclear power plant welcomes nuclear technicians as training center, offers a solar energy research park and is a desired location for events, guided tours and movies. In the meantime nature stretches out its fingers and turnes the sorrounding area into a beautiful oasis next to the danube.

There are several ways of travelling to the Shutdown Festival but please think eco-friendly and make use of public transport possibilities and car pools. Save time & money, avoid jam and travel by public transport! Please find all information about your journey to Shutdown Festival at Travel.

You are planning your own bus tour to Shutdown Festival?
To guarantee you a smooth arrival please let us know and send a mail to [email protected]

At the Shutdown Festival you cannot pay cash for your drinks, food, merch etc. - you pay cashless. You can charge your cashless credit at the festival via cash, ATM card and credit card.

It is possible to get back your remaining amount via bank transfer until 3 years after the event - refund online at Available from Sunday 12.08.2018 12h00 on.

Do you have questions or problems? Please send an email to [email protected]

The Shutdown Festival conducts an absolute zero tolerance policy with regard to drugs! It is prohibited to use, deal or be in possession of drugs.

There will be controls on forbidden objects, passports and your ticket at the entrance at the festival area. 
Please understand that the securities will check your bags. Do not lose your wristband - no replacement will happen. All forbidden objects are listed at "Forbidden Objects" below.

You´re hungry? That´s no problem. Our food corner offers a delicious range of different meals and cool drinks. Payment only with cashless. It is not allowed to bring your own food and drinks to the festival area.

People with physical disabilities can also join the Shutdown Festival. More information under +43 (0)6245 71 990 or send an e-mail - [email protected]

The following house rules apply throughout the event area. Also a german version of the house rules exists, in case of doubt the german version is the right version.

1. Liability

For damages, injuries and theft of all kinds suffered by visitors at the event site, the organizer is only liable if the damage was caused intentionally or recklessly by the organizers or their representatives or agents. Therefore, the organizer is not liable for personal injury and damage. After the end of the event the organizer accepts no liability for visitors, who are still on the festival grounds respectively re-enter after closing.  The offered visitor facilities need to be treated with due care. All other facilities may not be entered or launched. Visitors need to leave the festival and it´s grounds at closing time.

2. ID

Each visitor is committed to bring a valid, official approved ID. Copies or other IDs are not accepted.

3. Animals

It is not permitted to bring any animals to the festival grounds. Excluded guide dogs, provided they carry a bite basket and are kept on a leash.

4. Safety Instructions

The instructions of the organizer, crew, security and supervisors must be obeyed.

5. Violence

All kinds of violence are strictly prohibited. Contravention results in an immediate expulsion from the venue and possibly a complaint at the responsible authority.

6. Cancellations/Program Changes

In case of event cancelling the tickets can be returned (refund of the amount of the ticket excl. advance booking fee) to two month after the event. The organizer reserves the right to short term program changes or schedule changes and do not authorise the user to return his ticket  In case of failure of one or more artists, the impossibility of the use of parts of the grounds or partial failure of technique due to force majeure, there is no right to price reduction. No right for replacement of incidental expenses (arrival, departure, accommodation, service fee, aso.) in case of cancellation, change of program, cast or date.

7. Sound and Vision rights

The visitor agrees that recordings and pictures of him will be recorded analog and digital and the recordings or parts of the recordings will be published without compensation and without chronologically reduction. The recordings can be used for the re-reporting of the respective festival, but also for the application of the next festival of this kind or events of a similar kind. You can contradict the publication of the image data in writing via [email protected] at any time. All entrances of the festival are video-monitored. Own sound-, film- and photo- recordings are not permitted (except for private use). For an exception, a written declaration of the organizer is necessary.

8. Volume/Hearing Protection

The sound level at this event exceeds 93 dB and can put your hearing at risk. The wearing of hearing protection, especially near the stage areas, is strongly recommended. Free ear protection is available at all Info/Lost&Found Points on site.

9. Brought Objects

A detailed list of prohibited items can be found on under the  point “Forbidden Objects”. When attempting to enter such items, they must be taken away (f.e. to the car) or disposed. Illegal items (weapons, drugs, etc.) are handed over to the police. The organizer is not liable for the safekeeping of such items. Each visitor agrees to a search of his bags and private items for such items. If a visitor does not allow this search, he has no right to enter the venue. The organizer reserves the right to banish persons, who try to smuggle forbidden objects on the event area.

10. Storage of Objects

Articles can be submitted only at intended spots (locker). The organizer is not liable for handed articles at other spots (deposit at bars or stages, hiding at the venue aso.) as in this case no contract of safe custody is concluded.

11. Bag Search

The organizer reserves the right to search visitors before entering the festival and on the festival premises for dangerous or prohibited objects. If such an item is found, it will be removed without exception.

12. Alcohol and Drug Influence

Heavily intoxicated individuals by alcohol or other drugs are not eligible to enter the festival grounds. No right for refund of the ticket price in this case.

13. Minimum Age

The minimum age for entering the festival is 16 years. Taking along an elderly companion or a letter of permission from the parents does not change the rules.

14. Youth Protection

The law of protection of the youth of Salzburg applies throughout the entire area in the version valid on the day of the event.

15. Footwear

It is strongly recommended to wear sturdy footwear with a firm and stable sole with sufficient resistance to treading throughout the event grounds.

16. Climbing of Buildings

The climbing of buildings of all kinds is strictly prohibited, results in an immediate expulsion from the venue and a report to the responsible authority.

17. Parking Area

The entrance to the parking area is only allowed with a valid ticket during the opening hours.
Sleeping in the parking  area is prohibited both inside and outside a vehicle.
Camping and the building of tents is prohibited on the parking area.
The assigned parking area is to comply. It is forbidden to park at the streets between the parking spaces.
To left dust at the parking area is forbidden! The promotor is not liable to purple hurt or damage on cars or other things caused by a third party or force majeeure. Also the promotor is not liable to stuck vehicles.

It is no custody agreement closed, the parking area is not guarded. It is a lease for temporarily parked vehicles.

The entrances and exits for cars will be controlled during the opening hours of the parking area.
Regular tours through the parking area will take place during the opening hours of the parking area.

At the parking area the StVO is valid.

18. Garbage

Any kind of garbage is to be deposited in the designated containers and not to be thrown on the ground or otherwise left behind.

19. Digging holes

Digging holes is prohibited throughout the site.

You need general information about the festival or want to protect your ears? No problem at all - you get all relevant information about the festival but also train & bus time tables and earplugs at our Info/Lost&Found Point.

All leftover finds will be given to the municipal office Zwentendorf on the 13th of August 2018.
E-Mail: [email protected]
Phone: +43 (0) 2277/2209

Opening hours:

Mo: 07.00 am - 12.00 pm & 01.00 pm - 05.00 pm

Wed: 09.00 am - 12.00 pm & 01.00 pm - 07.00 pm

Fr: 09.00 am - 12.00 pm

If you want to work at Shutdown Festival please applicate via our Recruiting Plattform. We are looking forward to you. :)

The minimum age limit to enter the festival area is 16 years. Even if accompanied by an adult, people 15 and under will not be permitted entrance. The Lower Austria Youth Protection Act applies, as amended. The security will monitor and control everyone in the area and your identification will be checked at the entrance.

Accepted: official identity document (e.g. passport or driver's license)
Not accepted: student cards

Your identification will be checked at the entrance.
Accepted: official identity document (e.g. passport or driver's license)
Not accepted: student cards

If you need to bring medicine to the festival please bring a medical confirmation with you. There is no possibility for cooling, 

Merchandise will be for sale on the festival ground - payment with cashless only.

12:00 - 00:10 CET

There is enough parking space but keep in mind that each vehicle needs a parking ticket. Parking tickets are available in our ticket shop. Your car is monitored until the end of the festival. Sleeping in your car is not allowed because of safety reasons. Exit possible until Sunday 14h00.

  • You love and live for hard dance music?
  • You tend to inspire others with your passion?
  • You have an open, communicative appearance and you are reliable?
  • You want to help us to make Shutdown Festival even bigger and better?

In this case we do have the perfect job as an Shutdown Ambassador for you!

Please send us an email to [email protected] and convince us why you should become a Shutdown Ambassador.

A Hardstyle festival is the most amazing place in the world - clearly, we agree without doubt, but you should keep a few things in mind to stay safe and get back home well.

Please check the weather forecast for the area of Zwentendorf and bring adapted clothing with you. Especially wear proper shoes as we don´t want you to have hurting feet after dancing the whole day. If the sun is shining please bring and use sunscreen and a headgear. Forgot Snapback ?! No problem! In our merchandise store we offer various models in Shutdown Style. Just as important as sunscreen is the proper hydration during a weekend like this - and by that we mean anti-alcoholic drinks ;)

Shaking at the stage and party hard with the world's best Hardstyle DJs requires a lot of the human body  - often we need more energy than we realize. Therefore you should not forget to take a break and eat something. Our food corner offers a delicious range of different meals and cool drinks that provide enough power for the next hours of beats and dancing.

The police and security staff keep a watchful eye on any criminal activity on the camping and festival grounds. Unfortunately it not avoidable that here and there things get stolen. Therefore we advise you to leave your valuables either in the car or wear them tight to the body.

If you are hurt there is first aid to take care of you. Please check the map for the position. If this takes too long please ask the nearest security for help.

There will be  enough sanitary facilities at the festival area. Using toilets is free of charge.

If your are looking for a hotel room in the area please check out:

  • Bags bigger than DIN A3
  • Camelbag
  • Firework
  • Flying objects (drones, balloons, chinese lantern etc.)
  • Glass
  • Any grillers (gas cooker, camping grill etc.)
  • Private stock food and beverage
  • Laser pointer
  • Loose wires
  • Soundsystems 
  • Powder or coarse-grained materials
  • Slingshot
  • Bulky objects
  • Power sets
  • Car batteries
  • Animals (except guide dogs)
  • Dry ice
  • Sugar / Icing sugar
  • Weapons (in accordance with the Austrian weapon law) or other objects that may be used as weapon
  • Objects with discriminating or provocative text or rather terms.
  • Any objects that may endanger safety and health of fellow humans.
  • Any objects that may be considered dangerous by the organiser.

Independent Event GmbH
Neualmerstraße 37
5400 Hallein

The police and security staff keep a watchful eye on any criminal activity on the festival grounds. Unfortunately it is not avoidable that here and there things get stolen. Therefore we advise you to leave your valuables either in the car or wear them tight to the body.


Tickets sales for Shutdown Festival 2019 starts on 6th April 2019, 12:00 CET. 

After a sold out edition of Shutdown festival in 2018 we expect an even higher demand on tickets for 2019!

Pre-register now and secure your ticket before everyone else at the ticket sale in early 2019!